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uCella: The Smart, Secure Mailbox Of The Future

One of my coworkers recently showed me this smart, new mailbox called uCella. According to its website, uCella is “the world’s first smart home device designed for online shoppers to receive, return, track and manage online shopping packages [from an app].”

Seems promising, right?

uCella smart mail box
I’ve only recently become an avid online shopper myself, so I’m really seeing the value in this. In fact, I’ve currently got 2 delivery notices to attend to (1 from last week, the other from all the way back in September), and another delivery I’m expecting to arrive tomorrow. I also worked from home last week in order to be home to receive a major package.
Really taking advantage of my Amazon Prime free trial, here.
If an unclaimed delivery notice from 2 months ago isn’t a clear indication of how inconvenient it is to have to go to the post office to pick up a package that you missed, I don’t know what is.
uCella Smart Door Package Delivery
uCella is built to withstand outdoor conditions such as water, dust and is also UV-resistant. You can track all on-going packages, provide shipment status updates and more. The smart mailbox also notifies users of battery levels, WiFi status and can also take voice messages. With the holiday season coming up, package theft is also sure to rise as per usual, which is another reason uCella is a great option for you if you’re big on online shopping.
The company is currently quite mysterious about its pricing, but the smart mailbox of the future is set to launch any day now with all of that information, so make sure to check out their website to get all more details.

Are you interested in expanding your smart home with a smart mailbox? Let us know in the comments below!


UPDATE- uCella has officially launched, and is available for pre-order over here!


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