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Welcome to Piper’s Official Blog!

Hello and welcome to Piper’s official blog. We’re looking forward to keeping you in the loop of what’s going on with Piper as well as sharing industry insights and everything else that makes us tick.
In celebration of Piper’s official blog, our founder Russell Ure has a message he’d like to share with you:

Dear Piper fans,Today we are launching our blog and some may feel it’s about time and they would be right. The Piper team has always been more about engineering and less about promotion or marketing, but there’s no point having great engineering if no one knows about it.
The tale behind Piper is a simple one. I was running 2 companies, developing a mobile app for IT administrators (called Mobile Admin), and managing a Mobile Game company that had several hundred titles in the app stores. It was a very busy but satisfying time in my life, however that all changed when Mobile Admin was acquired, as suddenly I had more time on my hands.

My initial need for a product like Piper came about when my daughter left for school in a different city and moved into an apartment with a friend in a sketchy part of town. I wanted to buy her something that would keep an eye on her place, allow her to check in on it, perhaps turn on lights before she opened the door, and have a siren she could activate if she felt scared at night. Despite looking around I couldn’t find anything that was simple to use, simple to setup, and (most importantly) accessible and controllable by phone.

Traditional home security companies in general see people who rent as a non-market. Landlords will not allow installers to put wiring into their units and renters themselves are not interested in contracts and monthly fees. “Wow!” I thought. That is a lot of people who have no real options if they wanted extra security beyond the dubious security of the front door of the building.

I brought together a team of great people who, alongside me, collectively designed and developed Piper and you will get to read articles from them in this blog.

Together we accomplished something special in creating a revolutionary product, but it is thanks to your support through our online store and initial Indiegogo campaign that Piper went from development to shipping product in just 18 months. With such a quick execution timeframe came a few bumps in the road, but we learned a lot of lessons, and Piper will be a much stronger system because of that.

As exciting as these past few years have been, it’s only the beginning for Piper. Follow us on this blog and through social media to be part of our journey as we continue to provide worry-free home security.

All the best,


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