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We’re Testing Out Piper App Updates!

We’ve been working on updating our Piper app, and today our engineers and product developers tested out the newest features on their mobile phones.
What sorts of features were you hoping to see come to the Piper app? Leave us a comment below!


  1. I’d love to see IFTTT integration, that will make Piper much more powerful.

    Limiting it to the app, geofencing would be great. Life 360 is useful, but i do not understand the need of another app. Also autoarming would be great. It would be much better than receiving a notification and having to arm manually.

  2. I’m hopping for the following features:

    1. Custom sort order for accessories. My accessories don’t fit into the dashboard of the Piper app without scrolling. I would like to have the most important accessories at the top of the list.
    2. Apple Watch app. I would be much easier to enable and disable Piper with the watch (instead of pulling the phone out of the pocket and out of it’s sleeve). A Piper complication would allow a fast access to the Piper watch app.
    3. Smart arming. The Life360 integration is a step into the right direction (but technically didn’t work for me). For single person households like mine a GPS-based activation directly via the Piper app would be a good alternative (pretty much like the Philips Hue app).

  3. So far I’ve tried a lot of IP home security cameras and by far the most interesting and near complete is the Piper NV. However, it’s biggest drawback is the lack of IFTTT integration. I’m on the fence just due to that one missing piece. I have Nest Protect, a Honeywell thermostat, Harmony Ultimate Home, August lock and Sonos who all play nice together. the Harmony even controls my air purifier and non wifi remote led lights and Miele bot-vac through IFTTT or over the internet from afar. Yet, I can’t send any automated instructions to the Piper unless I use the proprietary app. If the Piper was $150-200 I would probably overlook this but it wasn’t, it was a $350 camera (taxes and eco fees). Seriously, considering returning it and getting the Netatmo camera only because of IFTTT integration, although everything I’ve read on it doesn’t compare (except it being $100 cheaper). I would love to know if this integration was in the near road map future?

  4. Auto arming is the biggest nessesity, either via GPS, or wifi connection. I almost never arm my piper because I don’t think of it. This needs to be a set it and forget it device.

  5. IFTTT would be great but if not, either add an option to arm or disarm depending on location working with Live360… Or develop an arm/disarm stand alone app so people can use task apps to set that location condition themselves without Live360. The app could run behind the scenes and just push notices after it communicates with the camera to know if it armed or disarmed or couldn’t reach a connection.

  6. Also something that seems overlooked is security while you sleep. You may not want to activate the camera while you sleep for indoor motion detection etc but you may want to activate for particular devices while you sleep. Like accessories for your door or motion outside at your door. Have an option to turn those on or set a timer of some sort. Add a siren option so it could wake you.

  7. Where is that autodisarm.. You added the autoarm months ago.. Shouldn’t be too difficult to flip a bit in the code and push that out! Losing respect for Piper day by day… SmartThings is getting better day by day… (currently running both systems)

  8. Piper really needs an auto arm and auto disarm based on time of the day. This would be a killer feature, just set and forget.

  9. I would love to see a way to disable all sound that the device makes. I don’t want to here an sounds come from it at all. I don’t need it to make a sound just because it reconnected to wifi, the app sends me a notification the sounds are just an annoyance

  10. The ability to configure multiple pipers separately (their status or alert systems) but still view them simultaneously in a multi-piper setup is necessary.

  11. I’d like a camera-only version of the Piper NV that was rated for outdoors.

    Or give Piper the ability to work with 3rd party IP cameras.

  12. It would be cool to have widgets (android) for piper where the user could turn on/off accessories or change the alarm state.

    By the way, where is ifttt channel?

  13. Using Piper for a burglary initiative, update is taking over 20 minutes for every camera. Is there anyway this can be improved.

  14. It would be nice to have a 7-day (S-M-T-W-Th-F-S) scheduler so I can setup times during the week I would like to turn piper on/off based on times of the day. Allow the ability to setup multiple blocks of time during the day. This would be good to use at night when going to sleep.

  15. I would like to be able to disable sounds from Piper. A stealth mode for arming, disarming and rearming from the devise itself so that know one can hear it go into these modes.

  16. I would like to request a user/guest account for the app in addition to the owner account.

    This account would be for the children and guests, and allow them to arm/disarm but not allow access to change settings or view live video.
    Thank you

  17. I am very happy with the auto arm feature, but I would love even more if the piper would disarm when it sensed I was here home!

  18. Would really like the ability to turn of the sounds for arming and disarming. No one needs to know when I’m switching modes.

  19. I’d like to be able to temporarily give a guest access to the live feed while we are on vacation, but would want to ensure the access was turned off on our return.

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