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What Are Door/Window Sensors & How Will They Keep Me Safe?

Warmer weather is on its way!

That means it’s time to clean out the garage, break out the shorts, and most importantly—upgrade your home security.

Studies have shown that doors and windows are the most common points of entry for burglars, with windows being particularly vulnerable to break-ins during the summer months. As July and August are reported to be the busiest time for burglars, it is important to keep your home and loved ones safe by securing these vital access points so you can enjoy the great weather with peace of mind.

Housebreaker enters the estate

What better way to do this than with door/window sensors. Door/window sensors attach to a household product and detect anytime it is opened or closed. In fact, these wireless accessories are not limited to windows and doors, but can be applied to any household equipment with an open and close function— a cabinet of hazardous cleaning products, a drawer filled with prescription medicine, or a gate leading to the backyard pool are among the many other security precautions that door/window sensors can be used for.

toddler opening kitchen cabinet drawers alone

How Door/Window sensors work

Small, wireless, and installation-free, these sensors are the perfect option to arm your home this coming season! As the wireless accessories require a hub, what better way to ensure the complete security of your home than to pair them with a Piper, which supports door/window sensors among other wireless accessories.

Running family on a lawn at the house


When a door/window sensor is triggered, a message can be sent to users to notify them of this change. In fact, at the detection of a door/window sensor, users can set security rules such as the sounding the alarm if a door is opened while no one is home. Additional wireless accessories that Piper supports can also act as rules— like when a door/window sensor is triggered, activate the light switchThis  allows for smart home security and  automation right at your fingertips, so you can spend less time monitoring life, and more time living it!


  1. 1. I have the Piper door/window sensors. The battery charge status on 4 of them indicates <1% and 100% on 1 of them (even when batteries removed). All have new batteries. Installed/removed/forced removed several times without changing battery status. Sensors function flawlessly otherwise. Does the battery status work?
    2. I have a Kwikset lock that won't pair. January Piper news says they will add support for 3 new devises to include Kwikset. When?
    3. Are there any control panels/key chain remotes that will pair with Piper to allow arming/disarming without using smartphone?

  2. Using a door switch to activate a light is pretty much useless as there is no rule for closing doors/windows. This means that the light cannot be set to turn off automatically, and must be turned off manually.

    1. Hi David, the example April gave is mostly for security purposes. Lights turning on automatically while Piper’s siren sounds is absolutely useful in the event of a break-in. It’s especially useful to those who have Piper classics, as they don’t have night vision capabilities. Turning off a light is a small price to pay for great footage and the attention you’d draw to your intruder, IMO.

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