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What Are Your Pets Up To All Day?

Ever wonder what sorts of trouble your pets get into when you’re not around to watch them?
My dog Nala used to get into leftover food when I’d leave home in a rush without properly securing containers (she loves Chinese food!). She would climb on the counter and knock the plates down to the floor and feast. Sometimes, when she’d feel especially messy, Nala would even leave paw prints all over the house after stepping on the food.
Those were the days before I had a Piper wireless camera. I couldn’t use an intercom to tell her to stop reaching for counters, or get her attention with Piper’s siren. These days Nala thinks twice before messing around in the kitchen because she knows I’m always watching and ready to scold her.
What about your pets?
We’re asking Piper fans to share stories of the sorts of things they come home to when their pets are left home alone.
Piper’s UI developer Mirella found a smart way to keep her dog occupied and out of trouble while she’s away:
Mirella’s dog Jules makes herself comfortable in bed as she watches movies on television to fight her loneliness while mommy’s away. Jules is a 2 year old Blue European Great Dane who was rescued from a neglectful breeder last summer, and is now living in the lap of luxury where she enjoys watching movies like Divergent (which she is pictured watching above).
Mirella checks in on Jules anytime and from anywhere she wants, thanks to her Piper security camera system, and often catches her and her brother Thunder doing the cutest things.
What sorts of trouble do your pets get into when you’re out of sight and out of mind? Let us know below!