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What Did Reza Catch His Dog Doing On Piper?

Piper’s product strategist Reza travels quite a bit to exhibit at various shows. Typically for these shows, the Piper team gives live demos to illustrate the power Piper has to allow you to check in on your home from anywhere in the world live, anytime.
Well, the biggest problem with giving the press a live view of your home is that you truly never know what they’re going to see (or publish!). There’s no rehearsing, no planning, no cropping. It’s strictly a live, unfiltered view into your home.
Reza learned that the hard way when a reporter at South by Southwest in Texas asked him for a demo of Piper’s streaming capabilities. Of course, Reza obliged and opened up his app within his iPhone to take a look with the reporter and, to their surprise, both of them tuned in to find…

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