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What Does “Away” Mode Mean In A Security System?

Whether you’re thinking of protecting your home with a security system or you’ve already bought one and thrown out the user manual without giving it a proper read, you’re probably wondering what the average alarm system is referring to when they list “Away Mode” as an arming option.

Simply put, Away Mode is typically designed for when your home is being left empty for an extended amount of time and you’d like to be notified of any motion or sound detected in your absence.

black piper nv smart home security system camera in living room fireplace

When you set your Piper security system to Armed Away Mode you’re typically given a grace period (that can be anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds) to get out before you trigger a security alert and/or alarm.

Depending on the sort of security system you have, you may receive free video footage of what your camera captured during the security breech, you may be charged a fee, or -in extreme cases- your security system might not even have a camera component.

If you have a Piper, you will receive free video footage of whatever was captured and your device will automatically rearm itself in the event that another breach occurs.

If you’ve got a pet that is left at home while you’re away for work or a night on the town, then you never have to worry about receiving false alarms because Piper was built with pets in mind. So much so, in fact, that it has a built in feature called “Pet at home” that reduces the risk of false alarms created by pets walking around while still allowing for security and peace of mind.

To adjust your Pet at home sensitivity settings, simply head over to the settings tab, hit Piper options, and adjust to your heart’s content.


  1. I usually forget to set my Piper to “Away Mode” when going out. When will native geofencing be implemented? Is it still a possibility? or totally not even an option at this point? A detailed answer would be welcome. 🙂

  2. What is the difference between away and vacation mode for Piper though? I know they can be customized by the user, but what is the purpose of having both?

  3. We still forget to arm the Piper when we leave the building. Are you going to be offering a programming option for the APP- Just like when one programs a thermostat for night time. But in this case, one programs when the piper is armed at night and when it is disarmed in the morning.

    1. Hi Larry,

      Keep a close eye out for our upcoming IFTTT channel, which will allow your Piper to automatically dis/arm and work with other connected devices!

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