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What IFTTT Applets Would You Like Piper To Use?

As you may have already heard, Piper will soon be launching its own IFTTT channel this year!

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT (which stands for If This, Then That) is a free service that gives you the power to create chain reactions based on conditional statements. The chain reactions you create are called applets. IFTTT is a very popular service that can make virtually any aspect of your life much easier and more effective, from social media to keeping on top of the news, staying healthy, shopping smarter, and creating the ultimate smart home.

LifeHack & Wareable published an article on some of their favorite IFTTT applets a while back that may inspire you to automate various aspects of your life:

1. When you change your Facebook profile picture, your Twitter profile picture updates automatically.


2. Get notified via text anytime the weather changes



3. Have you ever wanted to control your TV via voice? It’s now possible thanks to Ubi & Logitec Harmony!

ifttt recipe tv-voice-control-1434470088-a7Rm-column-width-inline


With so many connected home products already on the platform, the sky is the limit when it comes to the rules you could potentially set for your Piper smart home security system.

Now that you’re better versed in IFTTT recipes, tell us…what sorts of rules would you like to be able to set for your Piper? Let us know in the comments down below!


  1. I’m super excited for this integration, because I love IFTTT. I’d like to see something like this:


    No offense to Life 360, but that app just reminds and it needs confirmation to set. I would like IFTTT to automatically set the alarm, because that’s what I want to do 99% of the time and I can disable it when that’s not the case. And I’d like for it to automatically disable the alarm when I get close to the house, so it’s already off and I don’t accidentally trigger it myself, or have to stand there awkwardly on the porch waiting for the Piper app to pull up before I can open the door.

    Of course I can’t think of anything else at the moment but I’m a pretty new Piper user. There’s probably lots more inspiration on IFTTT at https://ifttt.com/categories/connect-your-home, or looking at other alarms / devices:


  2. Integration with August smart lock to arm and disarm once locked / unlocked. Or some kind of proximity based arm and disarm service … of which SHOULD be integrated into the app itself… why you guys dragging your feet?!?!?

    I think life360 is going to lose most if not all their Piper OAuth subs once IFTTT goes live.

  3. Not happy with Life 360 – stop messing with 3rd party and give us what we need right in the Piper app, like scheduled turn on alarms. And more zWave – You have been dinking around for months and nothing new that was promised has happened.

    1. Hi Dee, The IoT needs interoperability in order for users to build the ultimate connected home & life. Many Piper users are excited about the new possibilities IFTTT will bring. We promised support for more z-wave accessories just last month and are on track to deliver. Please stay patient and follow our social feeds + newsletter to be among the first to know of new releases!

  4. Hi,
    I’m very excited to finally see IFTTT integration!

    I’d like to see several functionalities:

    – Enable geofencing to arm AND disarm/set to ‘home’ my piper based on my location (just like Tess mentioned above)

    – Enable the control of z-wave accessories controlled by piper and the use of built-in sensors of Piper through IFTTT. I know Piper has some built-in features with alarm rules and schedules. But with IFTTT, we could do so much more. Piper could be the greatest all-in-one home monitoring system AND do all the things home automation systems just like Smartthings with IFTTT. Just checkout the SmartThings recipes: https://ifttt.com/recipes/search?q=smarththings . A few examples: Turn on the lights 30 minutes sunset and off 4 hours after sunset, control z-wave devices with Amazon Echo or a with a IFTTT button. Turn the lights off if no motion is detected for 30 minutes. Play a dog-barking sound on Sonos if sound is detected


  5. Disarm/arm system when my phone connects/disconnects from my wifi and send me a notification when it does so.

    Turn on lights when system is disarmed and my front door opens

    For multi piper set-ups, or when there are multiple motion sensors in the system, turn on specific lights/outlets based on motion from different sensors (i.e. I walk into my living room and the lights turn on automatically)

    When my android battery is low, automatically disarm system so that I’m not locked out of my house because my phone died (also notify when this happens)

    Various DO buttons for some actions (again something like disarm the system, turn on lights etc..) to make quick actions (opening the piper app and turning on lights can be slow while everything connects)

    Enable control of lights or other things through my android wear device (IFTTT has a trigger for tapping buttons on an Android Wear device)

    Basically open up the door for any other home automation devices available on IFTTT (integrate phillips hue light bulbs for colour controlling lights)

    One other possibility would be integrating lights into a morning alarm (have them slowly turn on, and then flash to try and wake me up)

    If I’m waiting for an important call, or just need to know when my phone is ringing, have the lights flash on and off when I’m receiving a call

    SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!!! I’m so excited!!!

  6. Gave up with life360 after I realised it didn’t _do_ anything….

    First, and most obvious requirement is to be able to set the alarm when anything happens. Location (of my phone), physical exit button press (together with setting lights to auto on a different system). I’m not massively concerned about spurious ‘arm’ events being faked.

    Capture video on demand might be handy, as well as exporting motion detect or temperature events to IFTTT.

    Disarm is slightly more tricky – at the moment, its protected by any passcode on the phone, plus physical access. Certainly allow it as an option, but give the choice to disable this, and send push notifications when it happens. However, today, I am making very minimal use of my Piper since the friction is too high. 100% hands-off interaction would be a big improvement even if it has major gaps in the security model.

  7. Integration with NFC chips.

    Put my phone on my nightstand and Piper automatically sets to Away, turns off any lights still on, and lulls me to sleep by starting Adele on my bed side speaker.

    I’m also wondering if I could embed an NFC chip in my kids… a more hair brained idea I realize but I’m wondering if we could create a “time out” feature whereby we can tap them with a mobile phone and if they move from the spot they’re in, Piper alarms fire off. Perhaps not as practical as I first thought but you never know unless you ask!

  8. I would like to turn on/off lights by walking into and out of a room.
    I would like to “speak” commands to arm/disarm, turn on/off lights, etc. (Amazon Echo features).
    I currently turn on outside lights when specific doors are opened. It would be nice for them to shut off after time or other event.
    I would like to close the garage door when I go to bed and set Piper to “stay” or auto close based on time.
    Auto disarm when my kids come home (combo 360 and door opening). My wife is self employed and drives past the house frequently, so I only want it to disarm if 360 finds them and the door opens.
    The primary purpose for Piper is to notify me if my teenagers sneak out, so be mindful if you work on the auto disarm feature.
    IFTT in a way I can create my own recipes.

  9. +1 to many of the suggestions above, including timeout nfc stickers haha.

    If Piper is armed, send text message to someone.

    If Piper is armed in away, set Nest to Away

    If Piper is disarmed, set Nest to Home

    If Piper is armed in vacation mode, post to facebook so people will know they can rob you. Do people actually do that? Hi i’m on vacation, no one is at my house, it’s all yours for the taking?

    If Piper is disarmed/armed, record time and who disarmed it on Google Doc

    If weather is going to be ____, let the person know via Piper Speaker

    If fantasy sports team wins, let the person know via Piper Speaker

    If____, let the person know via Piper Speaker

  10. Haha I love these too. For the future: “Follow my kid to school and make sure she gets there. Zap anybody who messes with her on her walk.”

  11. I would love to see IFTTT be able to drive Piper as a client camera on other Zwave hubs. So, maybe, if one of my Samsung Smartthings (also on IFTTT) sensors trigger, then piper will record.

    Of, if I lock a specific lock with Smartthings, then a specific mode can get set in Piper.

    Also, ALL integrations should work with the Alexa trigger feature so that Piper functions can be integrated with the Amazon Echo

  12. One benefit that Life 360 has which i don’t think you can get with IFTTT is that it supports multiple users. IFTTT is missing Else, Or and And statements; this is my biggest frustration with IFTTT.

    Anyone know of a theory as to how to support dis/arming with multiple people with IFTTT?

  13. IF start my security system (ADT, Livewatch, etc) then put PIPER in away mode.
    If motion detected during day then email me with a still picture.

  14. All these comments are nice – but seem like a lot of wasted effort. IFTTT gives you one half of the If-This-Then-That equation! The integration with Nest, Wink, Hue etc. are already there.
    What Piper needs to know: What Triggers do we want Piper to utilize, and what Actions do we want Piper to perform.

    Some Trigger suggestions:
    When Piper is set to X mode…
    When motion is detected…
    When sound is detected…
    When temperature exceeds/drops below…
    When door/window is opened/closed…
    When water is detected…
    When humidity goes above/below X…
    When Panic button is activated…
    When Piper is auto-rearmed…
    When video is recorded…
    When a Weather Alert is posted…

    Some Action suggestions:
    … Put Piper in X mode.
    … Turn on/off Light Bulb/Smart Plug/Smart Switch.
    … Record video.

    While I would love to see “Put Piper in X mode” as an Action, I won’t get my hopes up. There are security implications if you link auto-disarm to something like a geo-fence. The possibility for crossing the wires and arming/disarming when you don’t mean to is pretty high.
    I know of another home automation provider that a few years ago set up the ability to have Geo-Fence as a trigger and Open Garage Door as an action (not related to IFTTT, this was in their internal system), but customers complained that their doors were being left open for long periods of time when they would get within a few miles of home, but not actually be at home.
    So think through the implications and possible complications when you build home automation rules!

  15. I second the Amazon Echo integration (would love to be able to turn on/off lights, etc. via voice), geo-based arming/dis-arming, ability to program specific sounds (dog barking that can play through Amazon Echo or Piper) if trigger occurs.

    Not IFTT related, but I’d also like to be able to timers more than one time a day for turning on/off switches. I would like lights to turn on in the morning for a few hours, and in the evening for a few hours. Maybe you can use a similar interface to the plug-in timers, where you have a dial with pins in ~10 minute increments. You then push all of the pins in when you want the switch on. You can then have the timer go on in the morning, afternoon, night, etc., as you see fit.

  16. I think obviously mostly everyone agrees to auto arm/disarm under the conditions of location.

    I also think having time conditions would be helpful. Example if I set a time value of 10PM knowing I wont be opening my door after this time because I will be in bed Mon-Friday to arm the piper for siren and video record if the door/window device is triggered and then subsequently set a time condition for when I know I will be waking up to deactivate the conditions at another set time.

    Piper could also be used to protect your vehicle from break-ins using the above method as well as incorporating location into the recipe. If a motion sensor for example was put in the vehicle and under the conditions that the vehicle is at home base to activate the motion sensor within a set time frame. If a car thief entered the vehicle while you were sleeping, the motion sensor would trip and piper would alert you with a sound to wake you up. My work-around to this (until piper has something for it) is I have a motion sensor in my car and the base unit to the sensor is plugged into a timer which is set for certain times to switch on and off throughout the week.

    I also think a Key FOB is very important. Something you can pair up to piper so it’s not dependent on Wifi or Data but can arm and disarm piper via a physical button if your wifi or data was compromised you would have a safeguard to still be able to get in your house without tripping the siren.

    I know the last one wasn’t a IFTTT suggestion but I think it is worth mentioning again because it’s certainly needed. I mainly depend on Wifi and if my modem or router is “out” I don’t want to be stuck having to open the door with the piper armed and having no way other than unplugging it to shut it off.

    It might be also nice to be able to let us tech heads come up with our own recipes and then share them with the piper community if they wanted. An app for example to make your own recipes kind of like tasker but for Piper and Piper friendly devices conditions.

  17. Ability to schedule lights with sunset and sunrise along with the day of the week.
    Often have clouds set off the photocell and turn the lights on in the morning and occasionally during the day.

    So Piper needs some control given up to outside triggers

  18. Hello everybody,
    It would be great if we could change piper state by ifttt. Also the sensors communications with ifttt would be great ( I agree with Chris). “2 switch triggers conditions ” would be great like if alarm is disarmed and a door sensor is”open” then ifttt (harmony hub for exemple to switch on tv when i am coming back in my house). Thank you….

  19. Samsung SmartThings has an Arrival Sensor (key fob) and I would like Piper to have the same feature. It would automate the arming/disarming of Piper based upon the presence or lack of presence of this key fob. Once Piper is able to detect this key fob, automatically having lights turn on and off as you move around your home is possible. An IFTTT to arm Piper when the key fob(s) are in the bedroom(s) and there is no motion after 30 minutes.

    My two cents.


  20. If Piper would develop Fire and Carbon Monoxide detectors that would alert me then that would allow me to help keep our families safe even when we are not at home.

  21. I have been waiting for IFTTT integration ever since the day I bought my Piper!! Very excited!
    I think everyone’s got some great ideas here! Chris I do believe you are correct about what Piper needs from us through (Actions and Triggers).

    What I am looking for is the following:

    ACTIONS (First half of the IFTTT equation)
    – Motion is Detected
    – Piper is armed in Stay/Away/Vacation Mode
    – Piper is disarmed
    – A door/window is opened
    – A door/window is left opened for ____ Minutes
    – Room gets dark (ambient light sensor)
    – Temperature drops below ____
    – Temperature raised above ____
    – Humidity drops below ____
    – Humidity raises above ____

    If possible it would be nice to be able to pair an action with an armed status: i.e. “IF Piper is armed away and motion is detected”

    TRIGGERS (The second half of the IFTTT equation)
    – Arm Piper in Stay/Away/Vacation Mode
    – Disarm Piper
    – Record Video for ____ seconds
    – Sound Alarm
    – Turn on a light
    – Turn off a light
    – Plan an audio file through Piper speaker

    I would also like to be able to export my “Home Vitals” via IFTTT to a Google spreadsheet so I can track these stats long-term instead of just 48 hours. I know I’ve been able to do this automatically with my Fitbit via IFTTT so i have to believe this is possible with Piper also.

    Is there an estimate as to when the Piper IFTTT Channel will launch?

  22. I would like to see integration with Siri, for arm / disarm, and control of z-wave devices. Also, have z-wave include garage door openers and deadbolts and entry locks.

  23. Hi all,
    Here’s what I’d loved :
    If zWave motion detector (loud noise…) triggered, do a combination of :
    – at night, switch on a zWave lamp
    – have a nasty dog barking, or Beethoven’s 5th symphony (or both)
    – trigger third party camera (such as wifi webcam)
    – call me on my cell phone,
    – and if I do not answer, send me a push notification and call another person
    – if this (second, third…) person doesn’t answer, trigger a third party siren (I don’t want a burglar to take my piper device, I keep it quiet).

    Also, as has been said, scheduled arm/disarm with prior push notification would be great.
    Video on demand would also be nice. But this is not IFTTT, I guess.

    Thanks for your improvements, I think I made an excellent choice with Piper.


  24. I’ll use IFTTT to integrate some Belkin Wemo switches I have in my house. The rule would look something like: if Piper is in Away mode and, if it is after sunset and before sunrise, and if motion is sensed or a loud noise detected, then turn on the lights for 30 minutes.

  25. Read all the values a interact completly with “maker” and http request.

    Piper needs an API for integration in other domotic system.

    Now works like an “island”

  26. I love Iffft, this is great. Aside from the geofencing arming that’s been suggested (life360 is not doing it for me) I’d like to be able to arm it by schedule (if 8:30am on weekday, set to briefcase mode)
    Also wemo and hue integration
    If no activity on wemo motion for an hour, the arm piper
    Or if piper sees motion, turn on my hue and wemo lights

    Or integration with sms, if motion, txt me a pic
    Or if cold and piper is in the airplane setting, txt my neighbors.

  27. “Waiting for the Piper app” pretty much sums up my experience with Piper. It’s a good product, but the app is still unreliable.

  28. Hi,
    I am with Tess and Jordan above. Piper should ARM and DISARM by a schedule or anytime I leave or return to my home automatically. Life360 is not working as designed, most days it doesn’t even ask me if I want to Arm Piper. It’s hit and miss. Recipes should allow for control of connected zwave units within Piper to be controlled by Amazon Echo. “Alexa, Turn on Couch Light”, “Alexa, Turn on Dining Light”, “Alexa, Turn off Zone 1 Lights”, Alexa, Record Video”, “Alexa, Email last recorded video”, Alexa, What is the temperature inside”, “Alexa, Notify me when inside temperature is above 80 degrees” and also a Recipe for “If inside temperature is above 80 degrees turn on Nest” or Turn on A/C (Z-wave) Outlet in Living Room”. See where I am going with this???

    Can’t wait for this to get going!!!

    Donald Peterson

  29. Any IFTTT integration definitely needs to be able to do several things.

    1) Able to change modes (not just react to alarms and such). Personally, I’ll be making widgets for Stay and Away modes, so I don’t have to launch the app every time I get in my car.

    2) React to a change of state, like an alert or a temp change. I can see a value in being able to turn all your smart lights red when you get an alarm, or blue when humidity gets too high. I’ve heard of some people who have hearing issues doing things like setting their lights to flash if a smoke detector triggers.

  30. +1 for Chris’s suggested triggers and actions.

    – Put Piper in X mode.

    Yes, I know that might not be a safe thing for everyone, but we would use it, in connection to Life360 channel, to auto arm the Away mode when everyone has left and auto disarm when anyone returns.

  31. A number of people like the geo fencing for arm/disarm, but I agree with Chris in that disarming automatically could have security implications. Instead, I would like to see the app launch automatically and let me then choose what to do, and preferably by voice commands.

  32. I have 4 Piper’s installed in my home and cottage. It’s great to see that you will add support for IFTTT. What I really want you to add is support for controlling a light, relay contact or switch when Piper is “armed”. This would prevent false alarms as I have found some family members don’t always check their phone app to see if it’s armed before walking into the room where a Piper is located. A light on when they walk into the house will be a great reminder to disable Piper.

    I would like Piper to control via a rule the following (which are already supported in IFTTT’s rules): Lutron Caseta lights (in wall switches and lamp switches), Philips Hue, Wemo Switch, WeMo Maker, WeMo Light Switch, WeMo Insight Switch, LIFX, SmartThings, OpenHAB etc (ie any current IFTTT light device and there are over 300 IFTTT rules listed if you search for light on the ifttt.com web site). If you can only do a few, I would like you to support Lutron Caseta devices first.

    I’m really looking forward to having these devices supported. Thank you for continuing to innovate – you’re making an outstanding product even more outstanding!

  33. Mine is a simple one
    When the alarm is activated – switch every Hue light on in my house. For those us early adopters, who didn’t get night vision, this would be brilliant!

  34. Chris and Dan have some good ideas, especially with the important recognition that Triggers and Actions are two parts of the equation. I agree with the ideas they have. Fleshing them out further, I’d also suggest:
    – upload video clips to Google Drive (or other cloud services) after recording has been activated.
    – upload data visible in app (temp/humidity etc) to Google Sheets
    – upload events to Google Sheets, including arming/disarming/door notifications etc (not just alarm events)
    – allow time delays for triggered actions – so that a light could be switched on for 10 minutes (or whatever has been pre-set) after a trigger event, not just ‘on’ or ‘off’.
    – trigger lights or sockets on and off with offsets and delays from known sunrise/sunset times (from weather feed – example, ‘light on 20 minutes after sunset for x hours’ or ‘until 10 PM’)

    Relating to webhooks (Maker for instance), it would be nice to be able to query basic system information to use in other ways… i.e., query what mode the system is in via a web call.

    Relating to extending Z-wave compatibility:
    – allow thermostat actions (i.e., a geofence trigger could adjust temperature). I have my eye on a Z-wave thermostat, but won’t buy it until I know I can integrate it properly!

    I agree that geofencing requires more information to work reliably, specifically the ability to detect travel direction or travel between fenced zones (to also determine direction). Utilizing Google Maps to look at GPS information might be the trick… However it ultimately happens, I have to think it will come!

    If there was a way to regularly update outdoor temperature recorded in Piper via IFTTT so that outdoor temperature is determined from a better source, that would be an improvement (the location algorithm is close to useless where I have Piper set up). Or specify a particular station on wunderground.com for instance.

  35. IFTTT
    – Triggers
    — When mode changed; e.g. If change to Away mode, then turn off…
    — Motion or loud sound detected; e.g. If motion detected, then turn on light
    — When home vital statue (e.g.temperature/humidity/brightness) is above or below ____; e.g. If indoor temp is above 30 degree, then turn on the air conditioning (too make sure the indoor temp is below camera operating temp limit) OR If the room brightness is below ___, then turn on light
    — When panic button is activated; e.g. If panic button is activated, then turn on light

    – Actions
    — Change mode; e.g. If smart door unlock, then disarm the camera

    Like/Suggest feature
    – HomeKit compatible
    – Geofencing
    – Send notification when panic button is activated; (option available just like if motion or loud sound detected would be nice)
    – On demand video record
    — Idea: Continuous recording where every 30secs video is uploaded to server? If this feature is available then it should also be on IFTTT action too
    – Save video on third-party server, like Dropbox or FTP, etc.

  36. Some quick and simple suggestions:

    1) currently on trigger (motion, sound etc.) you can turn a Z wave switch on or off. It should be possible to revert it to original i.e. opposite position after user settable amount of time

    2) Similar to above, currently you can turn on a switch after getting dark and then let it turn off after 4, 8 etc hours. Can you make this period user settable or at least provide periods less then 4 hours?

    3) add ability to play an audio file through the Piper speakers when sensor/rule is triggered (e.g. dog bark, distant police siren or announcement 🙂

    4) Allow for more flexible time schedules for automations. At the moment only one switch on/off period can be set per day. This is very basic, please allow for more entries and more user configurable schedules. Also nice would be random switching (not more than x times per hour and min/max switch on period, e.g. turn on switch up to three times within an hour, for a minimum of 10 minutes and maximum of 20 mins)

    5) allow trigger rules to be logically combined with AND, i.e. only if motion detected AND loud sound detected then trigger the rule

  37. I would like to see two kind of IFTTT rules:

    iOS location: leave home area -> switch Piper to away mode
    iOS location: enter home area -> switch Piper off

    alarm is triggered -> turn on Hue lights (to get better videos)
    alarm is triggered -> process message with any channel that can receive text for alert and logging purposes

  38. I would like to see Z wave exterior flood lights and exterior camera options. Also a product for controlling motorized window blinds (vertical or horizontal shades) and IFTTT applications that can tie into inside/outside temperature/weather conditions.

  39. Richard – I use tasker to accomplish the app to automatically pop up when I am a certain distance away from my house or again when I am a certain distance inside the location radius. This works fine but I think automatic would be much better so you don’t need to deal with having to use your phone at all when driving plus I would reduce the radius size if I found myself driving too close to the radius area. I do think it should notify you regardless of the auto actions so you can check the status and know you are in the mode you intended. I don’t find auto arming and disarming a security risk if you set it up right. Then again I live alone so it may be easier for me.

  40. Arming and disarming are the big issue. Either a proximity or keypad option are needed. Nothing worse than walking into your house and realize you triggered the alarm.

  41. If door opens and motion detected within 2 minutes then re-arm immediately

    If motion detected, re-arm after (x) minutes.

    This one is very important to me and would resolve Piper’s biggest shortcoming. When my kids come home I can’t see if they are bringing friends in as Piper records only 30 seconds. If the friend hangs back 30 seconds or less than 5 minutes, he does not get recorded. By the time Piper the-arms in 5 minutes they are already upstairs in their bedrooms and I don’t know who is in the house. We should be able to set our own recording parameters.

  42. Couple things I’d like:
    -If sunrise/sunset THEN triggers when in away mode
    -IF away, motion detected THEN delay sound and use NFC to disarm with phone (sometimes my phone dies and I have no way to disarm the piper until my wife comes home)
    -IF someone views my camera, THEN audible “BEEP” is heard from piper
    -IF home mode, THEN turn off camera/mic

    Other things I’d like to see piper do – make a piper peephole camera that fits into standard peepholes (we rent, so no drilling) to monitor package delivery at the front door. loud knocks sends video, and audio comes from inside and makes it sound like someone’s home.

  43. I’d like to see the option to arm the alarm when a door sensor is triggered/closed. I have one on a gate to my workplace, and the alarm should be armed when the gate is closed for the night. Disarming should be set via a schedule. Really looking forward to IFTT integration!

  44. I’d like to see a feature in which the system is automatically disarmed when your mobile crosses a preset geofence or comes within a specified distance of Piper.

  45. Think arming/disarming depending on connection to home wi-fi is better than geofencing, but some sort of keypad for when your phone is dead is also needed

    Its the one thing that makes me not like piper.
    I dont want to have to remember to turn it on and off all the time.
    If you cant do this – then scheduling.
    I’m at a loss as to why it doesnt have these features.
    Life 360 is just annoying as a workaround.

  47. Piper should really start with some IFTTT recipes to coordinate action/response with Smartthings (or even OpenHab) IMHO. I realize you may be competitors in some respect but this will really open things up from a capabilities perspective. I own the original Piper and love it but it’s time to blow the lid wide open and start linking with other hub devices. If you don’t do it directly with API’s then indiretly via IFTTT is the way to do it.

  48. I would like to send a message based on humidity.

    I would like to turn on a light switch at a specified time before/after sunrise/sunset. I would then like to turn the light off at a scheduled time without triggering an alarm.

    I would like to add some randomness to scheduled light turn on/off.

  49. Not happy with Life 360 either. Needs to be integrated into the piper app. Piper should be able to arm and unarm the system when a range is set. Life 360 is just a bad interface and it seems to be more annoying than useful. Make it happen.

  50. I would like Piper to integrate with Amazon Echo so I could use voice to activate my alarm when I am “in” for the night.

  51. You must have gotten a bad unit. Mine is rock solid but my first unit was flaky. Try calling customer service to see if they will swap out your unit!

  52. It sounds like most of us are on the same page with automated arming. I’d like to see these options for arming/disarming the piper. My piper offers no security if it’s not armed, and there’s a good chance it’s not armed if it’s not convenient and/or automated.

    1. integration of zwave deadbolt to arm piper when the lock button is pressed and conversely disarm when the pass code is entered.
    2. use of a button system such as The Stone, however I’d prefer something that connected directly to the piper as to cut out the laggy, possibly battery drained phone from the mix. This would allow us to arm/disarm the same way a car alarm button works.
    3. Geofencing is a great feature, I’d like to see it but not only with wi-fi as all of our phones don’t always have wi-fi enabled.

    Compatibility with Amazon Echo. “Alexa, arm Piper” = arm piper in 2 minutes when i’m out the door. “Alexa, raise temp 2 degrees” = up my temp 2 degrees on my now compatible zwave thermostat. which brings me to…

    Zwave thermostat control of not only me thermostat but also the humidity levels in the house. Since the piper knows the temp and humidity of my home and is likely in the most ideal location, I’d like to control my humidity with piper as well either with through a smart thermostat or a zwave i/o switch connected directly to my whole house humidifier.

  53. I love Piper, and IFTTT is a great tool for final users. But if you really want to boost it, I would suggest open a complete API for developers, such as REST or similar. A world of new use cases will be opened!!!

    Thanks for listening!

  54. Excellent suggestions made already for this functionality and I would endorse them as well.
    I would like to emphasize the need for finer control needed in a multi-piper setup.
    For example, If I have two pipers in one account, currently I can only set them to the same state (away or vacation , or home).
    With the introduction of the IFTTT channel, to make a multi user setup work correctly, it will be important to have separate channels or functions for each one.
    If motion detected from piper 1, turn light 1 on.
    If motion detected from piper 2, sound alarm etc.


  55. As mentioned by some guys here already there are automation apps (tasker, automagic, etc..) available at Google Play Store that allow easy building of ur own set of rules all within ur smartphone. With those u could for example:

    + arm piper as soon as phone connects to certain bluetooth device (e.g. car)
    + set pipers mode dependent on pipers geolocation
    + start siren based on message (sms) coming in..
    + let phone speak out predefined messages based on alert events, e.g. phone says “someone inside ur kitchen”, if motion is detected
    and many other things.

    All that is needed for these third-party automation apps to be able to work with piper is, piper company needs to publish the commands (called “broadcast intent” in Android) that make Piper App do certain actions (arm, disarm, sound siren, set mode, etc…)

    Should be easy to implement / publish a few broadcast intents to make automation apps work with piper…

  56. I’d also like the ability to schedule lights based on sunset/sunrise.

    All my outdoor lights are on my system. Using “Turn on when the room gets dark” doesn’t really work when the light isn’t in the room!

  57. Hi all,

    Just to let you know the IFTTT is now live.
    I’ve only tested it with a DO button.
    Quick feed-back:
    – DO buttons work well. Much faster then going in the app.
    – I also use a recipe to disarm when I arrive based on the location of my phone.

    Now, the constructive feed-back:
    1. It’s disappointing is that the only actions available are ARM / DISARM. No possibility to control any z-wave accessory connected to Piper. I hope this will come later
    2. On “DO” buttons, the ‘arm’ and ‘disarm’ are identical. This could be a limitation from IFTTT but it’d be great to have different colors if possible.

    (also sent to support@getpiper.com)

  58. Yeah, I was playing with IFTTT for a while now and that’s how IFTTT is showing all the DO buttons. It’s always the same branded background color, depending on the channel you’r using.

  59. DISARM if Piper can ping my cellphone’s IP address on the same local WIFI network (or can ping any of my wife or kid’s cellphones)

    ARM if Piper can NOT ping my cellphone’s IP address on the same local WIFI network (nor any of my wife or kid’s cellphone IPs)

    Note I suspect such functionality could be accomplished directly with the device’s existing hardware and without the need to access IFTTT.

  60. Further to Kennifer…For those of us with tech savvy teenagers, allow us to video for longer periods of time. Give us the option of paying more. Currently kids can activate sensor by seeming innocent, then when the system is disarmed for the 5 minutes until reset, do what they originally intended. The sky is the limit. Ask your kids how many of their friends sneak out/in in the middle of the night. Kids like to always tell u what other kids are doing to make themselves look good. It’s never our kids though. Uh huh. 😉

  61. Together with life360, you can automatically arm and disarm piper when everyone leaves home or any of them arrive, now with the new IFTTT Channel.

    The most amazing featutre, anyway, would be to control piper from a web interface and have the ability of continuous recording in a local drive (NAS, ie)

  62. I like to see more integrations with LIFX and Mewo.. and be posible arm piper when cellphone and wireless.. in the app can see real time value more visually.. or can put to camera record by button werever i want

    thanks !!!

  63. Bonjour
    Le ifttt pour la France la mise en place avec la camera piper nv est il possible???
    Avez-vous une explication video ou écrite en français pour mettre en application cet ifttt sur la camera piper nv ???

    The ifttt France for setting up the camera with piper nv is it possible ???
    Do you have a video or written in French explanation for implementing this ifttt the camera piper nv ???

  64. Piper and iftt are excellent!
    I encountered initial issues with the ifttt auto arming when used in vonjunction with life 360 based on the last family member leaving. Fortunately, I solved this isdue by toggling smart arm to off in the Piper app. Now itcworks a treat. Iftt is brilliant!!!

  65. Add support for Siri so you can tell your phone to arm away/ arm stay/ disarm, and/or supporting a z-wave fob would be very awesome so that you can arm and disarm without pulling up apps! 🙂

  66. Definitely this, relying on an app to arm/disarm is not good especially given poor Apple battery life!

    So a physical z-wave button/switch/fob to enable/disable is next level sh*t which means we can do away with ADT properly 😉

  67. Piper has a lot of cool sensor data, but right now it’s not accessible from anywhere – how about using the information from them to trigger other things in IFTTT? like if brightness (from Piper) reaches a certain level then do something?


  68. I created a recipe that turns on my LIFX lights if my piper alarm goes off. The last thing an intruder wants is a loud sound and bright lighting.

    I also like to arm & disarm my piper using alexa. That’s pretty cool too.

  69. With the door accessories, like to have option when home and disarmed to have door openings Chime or Chirp (basically reduce armed siren down to a quick chirp to notify that an outside door was opened).

  70. No time to read what everyone already suggested. But from what I saw in the current IFTTT recipes, I’d like to see more:

    1. Most obviously, the ability to not only arm and disarm but also turn devices on and off – by DO button, or schedule, or set to sunset/sunrise etc.

    2. Integration with thermostat to effectively adjust based on outside temperature

    3. When I return home, disarm Piper AND turn on lights (integrate with Hue etc. would be nice)

    4. Set timer for turning on appliances (e.g. fan for 3 hours, coffee maker from 6 – 8 am)

    5. DO button record video

  71. In the IFTTT-app we need more Piper triggers to choose from when creating a recipe. Why should it only be possible to trigger a recipe when there is activity detected in one of the armed security modes?
    What about loud sound, change in temperature and ambient light.
    And why not also have the possibility to choose these triggers when the piper is not armed?

  72. I just purchased a Z-Wave AC remote for my living room AC unit.

    With the August heat in Israel, it would be nice to have an IFTTT recipe to automatically turn on the AC a couple of minutes before I reach home.

    What’s needed:
    1) location-based detection of ‘arriving home’
    2) piper IFTTT action to use the ACRC remote capability to tun on the AC (as currently available in the Piper app ‘ACRC remote’ screen)

  73. Is there any way to add a new recipe between Piper and Amazon Alexa? Something to the affect of IF piper senses motion between X time and X time THEN Alexa tell me the weather?

  74. Is Piper looking to integrate Flic or something compatable to the IFTTT? Just in case I forget my phone at work or school I can still disarm my Piper upon entry? BTW I currently love using the Lift360 and Date&Time channel to arm and disarm my Piper.

  75. I’d like to periodically get the temperature from Piper in the living room, and use IFTTT to control my Nest thermostat that lives in a hallway that runs warm.

  76. Main issue for me is arming without using the App
    My kids leave home but do not have smart phones, so having a more efficient way to arm the system would be great…. Life360 is not efficient at all and drains batteries.

    there should at least be a way to manually arm the system (similar to a regular alarm system where you have a keypad at the door )

    Apart from this I think the system is great

  77. I cannot agree more. It’s frustrating that there is automation for the z-wave accessories but somehow not for arm and disarm (the most important function). I just found this thread, which took place in February. It is now November. It has been almost a year now. Any updates on this front?

  78. Geofencing that works properly. Piper arms 90% of the time when I leave, but only disarms about 10% of the time. It’s annoying to have to go in to the app multiple times a day just to delete false positives from the two Piper NV cameras.

  79. The biggest issue I have with the Piper IFTTT triggers is that they all result in a push notification to my phone. I’ve configured my piper to turn on hue lights if motion is detected in armed stay mode, but this means I get loads of notifications (15 this morning while my wife was on her way out the door). I’ve tried configuring an event and deselecting the push notification check box in the Piper app, but then the event doesn’t get created.

    It would also be useful to incorporate some sort of watchdog timer function, so lights could be turned off again 2 minutes after last motion detection event or something.

  80. Zwave deadbolts. Yale, Shlage, kwickset. Open/close as well as the ability to disarm based upon a code being manually entered. My Yale lock is connected to my piper nv but I have no functionality. I’d have to buy a smart things hub to use my Yale lock, and if I do that… don’t really need the piper.

  81. Hi,
    It would be nice if there is an option to start recording through IFTTT. I have Samsung SmartThings with sensors. I can make Smartthings trigger an event when the door opens. It will be nice if I can have Smartthings trigger Piper to record a 2 min video through IFTTT.


  82. I’d love Piper to work more with Philips Hue lights like the Wemo switch can do with its products.

    I basically want piper to arm itself after a set time and when my Philips hue lights are turned off to go to bed.

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