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What Is A Baby Monitor?

Whether you’ve just welcomed your first child, are planning a child or are just curious about baby monitors, this blog post is for you.

What Is A Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor, simply put, is a system that parents use to remotely monitor the sounds and movements of their baby. When baby monitors were first invented, technology only allowed for them to record sound and not any video footage, but we’ve evolved to a point where these monitors can provide a live feed in addition to some information about the temperature of your baby’s room and so on. It used to be that baby monitors were like walkie talkies in that one would be placed in the baby’s room and the other with the parents, but in this digital age, a baby monitor typically rests in the infant’s room while the parents check in via their own mobile devices instead of a clunky prehistoric one.

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Should I Buy A Baby Monitor?

Honestly, it really depends on your motive behind the purchase. Some parents have unrealistic expectations of baby monitors, especially with the vast capabilities of today’s technology, but so long as you are using your baby monitor to be a third set of eyes and ears on your baby rather than your baby’s nurse, then it’s a great purchase.


What Should I Look For In A Baby Monitor?

What to look for in a baby monitor really depends on your child’s needs. Do you have a child that makes loud noises in their sleep? If so, you’re better off with a monitor that comes with video capabilities so that you can see whether or not your ‘loud sound’ notifications require getting out of bed.

Is your baby relatively quiet except when they are uncomfortable or seriously need something? You can save a bit of money by getting an audio-exclusive monitor.

It’s also highly recommended that you opt for a wireless monitor or to at least place it out of your child’s reach, as there have unfortunately been quite a few cases of children accidentally strangling themselves via baby monitor cords.


What Happens When My Child Outgrows The Monitor?

If you’re going to spend a lot of money keeping an extra set of eyes and ears on your child, I think it’s important to think ahead and opt for a system that can be used once your child outgrows the need for it.

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I think that we’re lucky to be in a tome where you can splurge on a security system like Piper that serves as much more than a simple baby monitor. Piper acts as an extra set of eyes and ears on your baby that alerts you anytime motion or sound has been detected and even provides you with video clips of the events.

Furthermore, once your child reaches toddler age, you can expand your eco system to include accessories like door/window sensors that allow you to know when dangerous cupboards and closets have been opened so that you can intervene in time, and once they start attending school, Piper will also be the first to let you know when they return home.