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What Is A Neighborhood Watch Program?

Home security goes beyond having security systems within your home. Feeling secure in your home extends to feeling safe in your neighborhood, doing things like walking down the street or going for a jog without worrying about getting mugged or harassed.
That’s where neighborhood watch programs have historically come along.
So, what exactly is a neighborhood watch program?
Neighborhood watch groups were originally founded by the National Sherriff’s Assosiation over 40 years ago, when crime rates were rising at unprecedented rates and needed to be curbed as quickly as possible.
They’ve historically consisted of groups of neighbors who have agreed to watch one another’s homes. Neighborhood watch meetings are typically held at members’ homes, community centres, and even libraries. Some programs host inaugural, monthly, or annual pannels inviting local law enforcement to share security tips with members.
What do you think of neighborhood watch programs? Do they help you feel safe in your community? Let us know in the comments below!

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