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What is a Smart Switch?

Looking for a way to incorporate home automation in your security network? Schedule, automate and remotely control lighting or appliances with the wireless smart switch. It pairs with Piper in seconds and will allow you to create rules based on the time of day, if motion was detected or a door opened and more!

What is a Smart Switch?

Simply put, a smart switch is an accessory that plugs into an electrical outlet while simultaneously being its own outlet. Smart switches are typically used to turn ‘dumb’ lamps into smart ones, as people plug their lamp into the switch which they then plug into their regular wall outlet.

Hand changing a regular light bulb for LED

What Makes a Lamp ‘Smart’?

When a lamp is controlled via smart switch, it can be scheduled, controlled remotely and even paired with various other smart accessories to do intricate things like activate sirens, music, etc. Smart dimmers do the exact same thing as smart switches, but have the added capability of giving you precise control over how bright you’d like your lights to shine.


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