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What Is An IP Camera & Why Do I Need One?

If you’ve been researching the various types of security cameras you can protect your home with, then you’ve probably heard of CCTV and IP cameras by now. Because IP cameras are the more advanced of the two, many people prefer to rely on them for home security.

What Is An IP Camera?

IP cameras transmit data through a computer network and the Internet, giving you the ability to check in on your space remotely – something that you can’t do with CCTV cameras. The ability to view your footage remotely is just one of many reasons why IP cameras have surpassed the capabilities of closed circuit television cameras, which have been relegated to working all but exclusively for banks and convenience stores today.

piper nv smart home security camera iPhone home monitoring

Will My Home Support An IP Camera?

If your home has a reasonable Internet connection (whether it’s via ethernet, WiFi, etc.) then you can absolutely arm yourself with an IP Camera.

If you need to install multiple cameras in your home, then make sure you have an advanced IP camera that does more than just record events. You should probably arm yourself with a smart home security system like Piper that allows you to connect up to 5 devices to a common WiFi network and supports wireless accessories that can make you feel even more secure in your home.

Affordable accessories like door/window sensors that alert you the moment doors or windows have been opened in your home, water sensors that alert you to leaks before they become costly floods, LED smart bulbs that can be turned on, off, dimmed, or scheduled via your mobile device, and more can all be connected to a Piper smart home security system.

Why Should I Protect My Home With A Security System?

Equipping your home with a smart home security system allows you to know what’s going on inside 24/7 regardless of where you may be, whether it’s at work, school, vacation and so on.

Piper nv wireless security camera keeps an eye on zeus the french bulldog in family living room

With a home security system like Piper, you can customize your alerts to notify you anyway you’d like (whether it’s via email, text, phone call or push notification) the moment a loud sound or motion has been detected in your home. It can also tip you off to furnace issues by letting you know if your home temperature drops or rises beyond a preset threshold. If you’re on vacation while this sort of unfortunate occurrence happens,  then you can breathe easy knowing that you can supervise whoever comes over to do repairs live via your mobile device. The bonus? There are no monthly fees required to own a Piper!

Other benefits of smart home security include the ability to pan, tilt and zoom through your 180-degree view of any room, use 2-way voice communication to speak to whoever’s home, and download free video clips that you can share with law enforcement, family, and friends.


Do you have any more questions about IP cameras? Feel free to share them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them!


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