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What News Outlets Are Saying About Piper

Piper is a security system like no other, but don’t take it from us, see what others have to say.

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Over the last week we’ve had the pleasure of getting recognized by news outlets like:

ALARM CCTV: Whose goal is to showcase all of the latest up to date, news, reviews and releases that the Security Alarm, CCTV and Home Automation industry has to offer

LIVESMART: Whose mission is to bring to light the most affordable and useful connected tech that will improve your life and living

TRAVEL WEEKLY: Who’s the most influential B2B news resources for the travel industry

– & more

What are they saying?


ALARM CCTV – “The Piper NV is an Alarm, CCTV and Home Automation system all rolled into one which is controlled via a downloaded App on your Smartphone.”

They covered Piper’s DIY setup which is as easy as 1-2-3:

Step 1 – Download the App

Step 2 – Plug in the Piper NV to a power source

Step 3 – Run the setup to connect to Wi-Fi

Security as Easy as 1-2-3

Mentioned Piper’s reputable features and the product’s expanded benefits through accessories like:

– Smart Switch Plug

– Door/Window Sensor


Next on the list is:

LIVESMART – “In a heartbeat, the Piper (and the compatible door/window sensor Piper enclosed), went from something I was testing, to something I was going to use and rely on.”

Said the author of this article who realized his bike was stolen thanks to the Piper he had just set up.

He goes on to cover everything from

What is the Piper NV – “The whole package, whether you’re at home or away, is controlled via the easy-to-use Piper smartphone app for iOS and Android, enabling you to create profiles and rules depending on your schedule.”

Setting up the Piper NV – “This is where the fun starts. Even if you choose not to connect any smart home accessories there’s so much you can do with the Piper.”

& Many more features/accessories – Like Piper NV’s Night Mode, Events, Adding the Wireless Accessories and an FAQ

TRAVEL WEEKLY – “What’s New, What’s Hot: March 2016”

Piper made the cut for the 6 Home Security Systems for travelers to ponder. We were included in their “fun travel gadget” list even though the Piper is something you leave at home, you’re welcome to check it anytime and anywhere on your smartphone.

That’s all for this recap

If you spot Piper in the news feel free to share it with us in the comments below or on our social media!

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