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What Should You Do If You Suspect A Burglary In Your Home?

Not all robberies are immediately obvious to homeowners. Lately burglars are becoming more and more careful about the ways they get in and out of your home, in addition to the things they take in order to make their invasion as subtle as possible.
Take my friends, for example. One of them was robbed of her flat screen TV and fish tank (both of which were situated in the center of her living room) while she was away on a family vacation in the Philippines. It’s kind of difficult to not notice two major centerpieces going missing when you return home from the high of being away on vacation, so she immediately called the police when she came home.
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My other friend, however, experienced the sort of burglary that was a lot subtler. So subtle, in fact, that she didn’t even realize she was a victim until the community news outlets began reporting on a man in the neighborhood  who would break into the bedrooms of young women to try on and steal their undergarments. It was then that she started to notice that the pieces she figured she’d lost track of in the laundry room or at the gym had in fact begun to disappear around the same time this man began wreaking havoc on her neighborhood.
All of this to say that it is possible to be the victim of a robber who takes discreet items that you would not immediately notice, and it’s important to think of the possible options you have in cases like this when you do realize what’s happened.
Don’t Go Looking For The Burglar: It’s tempting to check all your doors and possible hiding places for the jerk that just robbed your house in a fit of blind rage, but for the good of your safety, don’t do it. Simply get to a safe place and call 911 so that you can be protected by the proper authorities instead of risking it all.
Call 911: Call the police, walk them through your home and give them as many details as you possibly can about what could have happened to lead to this situation. Whether there’s an entry point that you suspect or a skeevy person you think could be behind the whole thing, share any and everything that you think could be useful to the investigation.
Don’t Touch Anything: The less you touch, the less likely you are to ruin any chance of finding DNA samples or evidence that could help nab the burglar who invaded your home. Call 911 as quickly as possible and give them the time they need to make sure your place is safe for you to return to.
Take Inventory Of What Is Missing. When the police arrive, they will walk you through the best practices on searching to figure out what you’re missing so that you don’t ruin any potential evidence. Think long and hard about what could be missing; not everything a burglar takes will be immediately noticeable- they could have stolen items that you’ve kept put away for so long that you forgot you even had them.

Quick tip: Get your high ticket items like jewelry and antiques appraised every so often that you have up-to date estimates of their value and documentation to prove ownership. And when it comes to technology, these days many product companies give you the ability to enable device tracking specifically in the instance of theft. I always make sure to fill out the information; you never know what could happen. It once saved me when my own iPod was stolen a few years ago…I managed to get it back.

Talk To Your Neighbors: In tough moments like these it’s good to have neighbors. Especially neighbors who just so happen to be privy to information that could reunite you with your valuables and the peace of mind you deserve when it leads to the apprehension of your burglar.
Maybe your neighbour just so happened to be around when yet another stranger walked into your home and thought nothing of it because there’s simply no way for them to be familiar with everyone that you associate with. That doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t be able to describe the last person they saw going into your home! If forced to remember, there is a possibility that your neighbor could describe your burglar, so don’t be afraid to ask.
File Any Possible Insurance Claims: Ask the authorities to provide you with the information you need to file an insurance claim and do everything you can to do file it as soon as possible. Don’t currently have homeowners or renter’s insurance? It’s better late than never, so look into getting it now to save yourself the headache later.

Get A Security System: It’s a whole lot easier to nab any intruder that comes into your home when you have a security system. You don’t have to rely on faulty memories, or the majority of the other guesswork that comes with dealing with a robbery no one witnessed. Traditional security systems cost an arm and a leg, and typically come equipped with fixed-term monthly fees, so try opting for a newer era of security if you’re looking for something more affordable.
The Piper nv, for example, has 180-degree immersive video capabilities that make it sure to spot any intruder that enters your home. You have the ability to set your Piper so that it alerts you the moment it detects loud noise, movement, and even temperature change. When Piper alerts you, you have the ability to both check into your home for a live view of what’s going on and receive an archived clip of the whole ordeal to provide to authorities. You can easilyarm yourself with Piper when you head over to our store.

Burglaries are a horrible thing to experience. That’s why it’s important to both educate yourself on the options that you have in the event that you are the victim of one, and to arm yourself with a security system to increase your chances of nabbing your burglar.
What do you think of our tips, is there something else you’d suggest to the victim of a burglary? Let us know in the comments section below!


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