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What Type Of Homeowner Are You?

There are two kinds of people in this world, people who:

– eat the crust off their pizza VS. those who don’t

– drink tap water VS. bottled water

– take a bite right off their kit-kat VS. eat the pieces one by one

– use chrome VS. internet explorer

AND finally prevent burglaries VS. catch the burglars in the act

Am I left or right?

So which type of homeowner are you? The kind who gets chills from the idea that a burglar might set foot on your front lawn OR the kind who lives off the thrill of checking their security camera in the hopes of catching a burglar in the act?

Piper smart home security on- The Big Bang Theory - Season 9 episode 12 raj telescope room

Different kinds of people take different preventive measures when it comes to the protection of their homes. On one hand, people who’d prefer to prevent burglaries would make their window and door locks visible, showcase alarm stickers, install motion activated lights and leave their lights or TVs on. While on the other hand, those who want to catch the bad guy prefer to make their security devices more discreet.

Spying with binoculars

Whether you want to prevent a break-in or catch the burglar and parade their face around, Piper is the security system you need. It gives you full control when it comes to the protection of your home.

You can go all out and install a total of 5 Pipers, pair them with multiple accessories such as door/window sensors, water sensors and outdoor smart switches and decorate your home with Piper stickers to scare away burglars right off the bat.

If you’re looking to catch them in the act, you’d make your Piper look more discreet, like a speaker, confusing the burglar and making it easier to catch footage of them.

Cat Burglar

What kind of homeowner are you? Let us know in the comments below!



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