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What You Need To Know About Your Roof Before Winter REALLY Hits

The first true snowfall of the winter season is coming up. As we all know, winter snow can be quite dangerous; increased car crashes, pedestrians slipping and falling on sidewalks, driveways and parking lots, pipes freezing and the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning, to name a few.

In anticipation of that first major snowfall of the season, I’ve put together a comprehensive yet compact guide to the things you need to know about your roof before winter truly hits:

1. All Roofs Run The Risk Of Collapsing

Your roof doesn’t have to be pushing 100 years old to be at risk of collapsing. Its materials, angle of position and the intensity of snowfall are all factors that can lead to the unfortunate occurrence. In extreme cases ice dams can form and prevent snow from melting off your roof and lead to the trapped water leaking into your home.



2. The Icicles On Your Roof Can Be Deadly

As snow falls and melts, icicles are formed. If ice from your home lands on yourself, pet or another person or their pets the results can be quite damaging at best, deadly at worst. The most effective way to prevent icicle damage is to prevent icicles from forming in the first place 😉 A great way to do that is by sealing the gaps in your roof and making sure your home is properly insulated. To learn how to safely clear icicles of various sizes from your roof, refer to the Cleveland paper’s comprehensive guide.


3. Mold May Be Forming In Your Attic

The winter season accelerates the way household mold comes to be. Thanks to the chilled weather, condensation can be found in windows, pipes, flooring, and more. Try to visit your attic at least a couple of times per month during the winter season to keep an eye on things before any mold develops.