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Why All-in-One Security Is The Answer

Finding the perfect security system for your family should no longer has be a tough feat, regardless of your budget.

The technological boom has brought with it the democratization of security, taking surveillance devices from the exclusive gates of the upper class and bringing them to the average consumer, thanks to the IoT.

Being one of the first DIY security systems, we’ve been able to build our devices specifically with the future in mind. When designing Piper, we intentionally set out to make it the ultimate all-in-one security system that can grow with any and every family.


What is All-in-One Security?

Great question.  All-in-one security, to us, is the combination of the most important features of security (motion and sound alerts, two-way audio, siren, pan-tilt-zoom, 180 degree field of view, trusted circle, etc.) with the ability to integrate automation capabilities that also contribute to your safety (light and appliance control, home vitals, door/window sensors, etc.)


What are the Benefits of a Security System?

Security systems like Piper have a virtually unlimited amount of benefits. Not only do they provide you with video evidence of any burglary that takes place in your home, but they can also help you keep an eye on your kids, pets, and even act as an extra layer of protection against an abusive ex-lover as well.


  1. What is the current position of Piper regarding integration of Google Home or Amazon Alexa? Clearly the question being considered as customers consider the longer term advantage of selecting home automation / security cam systems. Thank you for your informative response, in advance.

  2. Hello. All-in-One Security works in Portugal? or does it need any kind of app to work that is not available in the iTunes store for Portugal, as other security devices?

  3. Still waiting for the z wave door lock support. I was promised for Christmas 2016 but it is still not there.
    Please update the status for that or let me know if that is never going to come so that some customers may stop waiting and buy another z-wave hub.

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