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Why Professional Dog Trainers Love Piper

In today’s blog, we’re featuring a guest post from a business called Sit Means Sit Dog Training that uses Pipers in its Seattle and Austin, Texas locations.

How does Piper help people train their dogs? Find out below, in the first blog of their guest posting series:

My name is Danielle Kilgore and I am the Head Trainer and Territory Manager for Sit Means Sit Dog Training Seattle.


At Sit Means Sit Austin and Seattle, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our business. This means making sure we are consistently providing the best training and customer service possible. We are no strangers to using technology to aid us with different training scenarios, but the Piper takes it to an entirely different level!

Primarily, the Piper is a great tool for just simply being able to check in on our dogs, from anywhere, at anytime. Whether there is a dog we are working to kennel train, or we just simply want to look and see what they are up to, Piper allows us to do this via the live feed.

In addition, we can speak to the dogs, which is really handy! If a dog is having trouble adjusting to the kennel, I can communicate with him and help him calm down. Sometimes I just want to “say hi”, and that always makes me laugh, because the dogs whip their heads around to look at the camera.


Another major way the Piper has helped in our business is by allowing us to train behaviors when we are not actually in the room with the dogs. This helps work with separation anxiety, kennel anxiety, and destructive behaviors. It can also help dogs learn to stay in given commands (“sit”, “place”, etc.), even when their owner is not in the room. We will touch more on specific ways to use the Piper for training in a future post.


Safety of the dogs in our care is also incredibly important to us. With the Piper’s notification systems, we are immediately alerted to loud noises, excessive movement, and temperature changes. It’s important the dogs are not too warm, or too cool, during their stay, since they don’t regulate their body temperature as easily as humans. If the temp falls outside of whatever range I have set, Piper will notify me by push alert, text, email, or phone call.

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The same can happen for a dog that needs to potty and might be crying out, or is distressed and taking it out on his kennel. In certain situations, it is also set up to record when one of those things occurs, so I can go back and review footage from just a few seconds before the disturbance. This is awesome because it actually records moments BEFORE the trigger so we not only see the dogs’ reaction, but what actually caused the reaction.


Overall, the Piper has been a great addition to our business. The fact that we can monitor our training and personal dogs, as well as the environment where they are kept, allows us to bring a superior level of customer service to our clients. In addition, their dogs are coming home better trained, because we know more details of what’s going on when we’re not around.