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Why VisionMobile Says The Smart Home Is Paving The Way For The Smart Office

A recent report issued by VisionMobile sheds a lot of light on trends that have emerged over the past year within the Internet of Things, as well as predictions of what’s to come in the future.

According to VisionMobile, enterprises like our parent company Icontrol Networks are at the forefront of developing platform solutions that shape the smart home landscape, and in turn affect the emerging smart office sector.


Though the “smart office” hasn’t yet become a buzzword within most IoT circles, the success of various smart home technologies makes you wonder about the possibilities of their eventual crossover into the office space.

Offices are buildings just like homes and require the same basic utilities such as water, heat, air conditioning, doors, and windows, after all.

Some of the most popular IoT devices smart home owners invest in are security systems such as Piper, which allows you to both have your eyes and ears on your home at all times and automate it, smart locks such as the Kwikset and Yale (which Piper will soon be compatible with), smart LED lights (this one is our fave), smart TV’s (like these ones you can soon receive Piper notifications through) and smart thermostats.

white Piper_nv smart home security camera system_-_Office1

As I write this blog in our Ottawa office, I see that we absolutely can use each of these products in our space.

There’s an unsurprising abundance of expensive technology to protect in our space, so it was a complete no-brainer to set up Pipers and door/window sensors to secure the office.

It would also be great to have connected door locks that could allow our office manager to let any of us in over the weekend if we had something we needed to retrieve or complete.

We have an awful lot of lights here, and in the event that one of us is the last one out on a Friday night and doesn’t realize until we’ve pulled into our own driveway that we forgot to turn off the lights, it would be a whole lot more convenient to log into our Piper dashboard and remotely shut them off rather than drive all the way back into the city. It’s too bad we can’t use LED smart bulbs, though because the lights we have are fluorescent.

Our office has two meeting rooms, both equipped with televisions we use to host meetings between our 3 offices (Ottawa, Austin, Redwood City) thanks to systems like BlueJeans. In a fast-paced environment like ours, it’s absolutely amazing that smart TV’s exist to make transitioning between applications seamless.


Last but not least is the issue of climate control. The nest thermostat helps homes manage their temperatures while simultaneously saving costs. Why wouldn’t an office want to do the same thing?

It’s safe to say that because the smart home is still quite young, businesses are waiting to see more of how consumers are reacting to smart devices before implementing them within their spaces.

That’s not all companies, though. Many businesses write into us about how Piper protects them and their employees, and how they’re slowly branching into expanding their ecosystem to include various accessories such as smart LED bulbs, door/window sensors, and can’t wait to add external motion sensors in the future!

Has your business or the one you work for integrated smart home technology into the office? Let us know in the comments below!