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Why You Need To Secure Your Sliding Glass Door

According to reports, it only takes a burglar 60 seconds to break into a home, and 22% of those break-ins occur through the backdoor.
With such a high percentage of burglars using back doors to gain entry into homes, it’s important to think about the various ways in which you can secure yours.
Did you know that sliding glass doors could potentially give burglars easy access into your home?
According to many safety experts, sliding glass doors give thieves the opportunity to easily separate their rollers from tracks using commonly found tools, in order to make their way into homes. Once the sliders have been removed from the tracks, all a burglar has to do is lift the panel to enter their victim’s home.

Do you have a sliding glass door you’d like to secure? Follow our simple tips below:

Block the track from the inside: Depending on the size of your door, there should be at least one deep space on the inside that can be filled with material that stops your door from sliding very far, withdrawing the wiggle room burglars so desperately need to break in. Growing up, my parents would put a long piece of wood along the track.
Full coverage curtains: It’s important to get curtains that cover your windows so potential burglars can’t tell whether or not anybody is home. The more obvious it is that your home is vacant, the more likely they are to break in.
Point your security system at the door: With sliding glass doors being such an attractive target for thieves, it’s important to set up a wireless security system like Piper in a place that faces yours so that it’s ready to film all the action. This footage can potentially help you put your burglar behind bars, when you download it and pass it on to law enforcement.
Reinforce windows with film: Your bandit will get the surprise of their life when they try to shatter your window only to find that although the glass has been broken, there’s an extra layer of film holding it all together, preventing them from entering your home.
Did you find any of these sliding glass door security tips helpful? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. I think sliding glass doors are a great way to let in light. You make a great point about making sure to have full coverage curtains for them. It’s nice to have natural lighting but I agree that it’s safer to make sure that it’s covered when you’re not home.

  2. Wow, it’s so interesting that 22% of home break-ins are through the backdoor. I can see now why it’s so important to make sure you secure your sliding glass door. My house doesn’t have any sliding doors on it, but I will do my best to make sure my back door is especially secure, and I will keep that in mind for if I ever get sliding glass doors.

  3. I love your tip to reinforce your windows and glass doors with film to hold them together if they are broken. This would probably help with insulation and energy conservation as well, so you would have two benefits in one! My cousin recently moved and has been thinking of ways to secure her new apartment. I know she has been considering some security door options; I will have to have her consult with some local companies in her area about which options are best for her.

  4. In your article, you stated that according to reports, it only takes a burglar 60 seconds to break into a home, and 22% of those break-ins occur through the backdoor. Yesterday my wife called me at work because someone tried to open our back door while she was cooking. I wonder if these security doors can be installed in any type of house.

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