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Will A Security Camera Take Up A Big Chunk Of My Bandwidth?

Unfortunately, a yes or no answer doesn’t exist for this question. Whether a security camera uses a lot of bandwidth or not relies on a number of different elements.  Lucky for you, here at Piper we like to keep things quick and simple, so we’ve listed the two factors that should be considered when asking this question.

1. Monitoring Environment

First, consider the environment your security camera will be monitoring, as more activity will result in increased bandwidth usage. Is it a high traffic area with frequent movement, or relatively consistent with only sudden periods of activity?

Security cameras will use bandwidth mostly for streaming live video and recording detected activity. You can decrease the amount of bandwidth being used by choosing a security camera that enables event-based recordings, like Piper, which allows you to record specific events of your choice.


 2. Video Quality

The quality of the video being streamed also effects the amount of bandwidth being used.  Streaming video at a higher quality will result in more bandwidth usage and can also increase the likelihood of glitches, video lags, and slower internet connection. For this reason, most current security cameras come with the option to adjust the video quality to a lower setting.

Take Piper for example! Not only does it allow you to change the quality of the video being streamed, it also allows you to customize the quality based on the two networks your mobile phone could be using—Wi-Fi or data.

Family Cooking Kitchen Food Togetherness Concept two children child proof kitchen

Venturing out into the world of home security may seem intimidating and confusing, especially with the growing number of options available to users. Just be sure to ask questions, do research, and remember—nothing is worth more than security and peace of mind!



  1. Thank you for the very informative article. I would also add a third element which could actually help to save on data. It is a codec you are using. MPEG and MJPEG are the heaviest ones. H-264 is the most common codec available in every system and H-265+ is the latest one, just not all the cameras and NVRs supports it.

  2. I find that event monitoring is exactly what I need in my own home. I like to keep an eye on my dogs and cat while I’m at work. Doesn’t take up too much of my bandwidth when I use event monitoring. I like high res video though, so it’s a compromise.

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