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Will a Smart Home Make Me More Ecofriendly?

Going green. Sustainable practices. Energy conservation. We live in the age of Reduce Reuse Recycle, global warming, and carbon footprints. We care about the environment, or, at least, our bank accounts are learning to.

Although clean energy is a growing industry, the mantra of the green revolution is, above all else, to reduce. Reduce meat consumption, reduce waste, reduce fuel-powered transportation, reduce electricity use.

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So how can technology help you become eco-friendly? It takes electricity to run, doesn’t it? Although that’s true, a smart home can go a long way assisting you in reaching your energy consumption goal. Wireless accessories offer you greater control over your home’s inner workings, making you more aware of how much energy you’re using and allowing you to manage it, ultimately saving you electricity and money.

There are three major ways in which smart home security systems, such as Piper, can help you become ecofriendly:


Light bulbs with dimmers tend to last longer and require less power. This means there is less waste produced over time because there are fewer light bulbs being thrown away, and that less electricity will be used to power your home.200-piper-led-bulbs-bundle

Oftentimes, especially in the evening, we don’t need our lights to be as bright. Dimmers allow for more comfortable lighting in your home on top of the environmental benefits.

There are bulbs on the market that have dimmers embedded, but if you can’t find the kind of bulb you want, you can also buy dimmers to attach to your lamps.


Piper can connect with smart switches so you have wireless control over whatever is plugged into it. This works with AC and space heaters, allowing you to manage your home’s temperature right from your mobile device.

A lot of the wasted energy from heating and cooling systems is from running them when no one’s home. With the smart plus wireless technology, you can set schedules or timers so the heat/cooling system only runs when it needs to.

Piper even connects to IFTTT so your heater, fan, or AC could turn on the moment you get home. Just make a recipe in the app either with your location  or when you connect to home Wi-Fi.

Our Own Inevitable Fallibility

We are all human (I hope!) and we all make mistakes. Forgot to turn off a light when you left for work? Didn’t remember to adjust the thermostat before your vacation? With a smart home, these can be easily remedied through your mobile device.  The simple Piper app has a list of your wireless accessories that makes it easy to adjust rules as need be.

Wireless accessory rules cropped

Open doors and windows can be another huge issue, because they create issues with heating or cooling making your home function less efficiently. Although we can’t automatically close them (yet!), you can set the app to alert you if they are open with door and window sensors, and can view what’s opened and closed from the central list. This makes it so easy to double check before work or your weekend at the cottage that everything’s sealed up.


Especially in older homes, problems with water leaks can wreak havoc. Even something as simple as a sink that constantly drips, much like the tub in my last apartment, can add money to your water bill and waste one of our most precious resources.

Water sensors installed in potential leak areas around your home can alert you if any pipes are degrading, so you can fix the problem and get back to being the eco-friendly person you are.