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Will Home Security Become Synonymous with Home Automation?

As the popularity of smart home security systems continue to soar, so does the question of whether or not home security and home automation will eventually become synonymous.

Though smart home security is still in its infancy, consumers have shown that their expectations of home security systems include the ability to automate.

Traditional home security is often the option that people initially think of, but it tends to be more cumbersome than helpful. We reached out to Rose of homealarmreport.com to get her take on this industry. “Until now, the home service industry hasn’t been doing their job,” she said before issuing a call for greater innovation so homeowners are able to make use of the security they are purchasing. “Instead of security systems being useful and enhancing people’s lives, they’ve become a burden; there are often too many notifications, and it’s difficult to arm and disarm, often rendering it highly ineffective.”

The pain points that Rose highlights are the same ones that Piper‘s cofounders built the security system around. We believe that an ideal security system requires home automation and wireless connection to simplify the arm/disarm process, permit greater flexibility and accessibility in options, and give you more control over what the camera is monitoring.

When Rose first found security that included home automation she called it a “game changer” that allowed her to “connect devices for smarter alerts, and fewer alerts, and even find ways to arm and disarm [her] system without thinking about it.”




Rose became interested in home security after being stalked by an ex-boyfriend. She had a restraining order, but for her, it wasn’t enough. “I truly believe everyone has the right to feel safe”, she wrote when discussing her experience.

What’s especially great about home security in this age is that, like Rose says, “there is a solution for every budget,” and she uses her platform to educate people about the “available options so they can protect their homes.”

DIY security systems have democratized the home security space and allowed for more people to be able to feel safer in their own homes. People no longer have to pre-calculate where installation, maintenance and monthly fees will fit into their budget or if their landlord will allow them to install security in their apartments.

Although Rose is heavily invested in home security, what she’s learned has indicated that the only home security systems worthwhile are the ones with built-in home automation capabilities and the subsequent ability to have a seamless presence in your life. She firmly believes that “if every person took steps to protect their home and their neighborhood, this world would be a slightly better place.”

We couldn’t agree more. A safe, secure home means a happier life. And an automated home means that you can spend more time living your life, and less time managing it.

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