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Giveaway: Win A Piper Bundle + 1 Free Year Of Life360 Premium!

In honor of our exciting collaboration with Life360 to present you Smart Arming, we’ve decided to give away a prize pack to one lucky Piper/Life360 fan.


Enter below for your chance to win a Piper bundle featuring a Piper nv and 2 accessories of your choice in addition to one free year of Life360 Premium!

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With Smart Arming, Piper will notify you when your home security system is unarmed and no family members are home. You can then simply tap the notification on your mobile device to set Piper to ‘away,’ automatically arming Piper without having to open any apps.


  1. Just purchased Piper NV from your site and cannot wait receiving it and setting up!
    Looks like a very cool piece of equipment!

  2. Hi,

    I just set it up and tested it while I was running an errand. It works as designed. That’s definitely a step in the right direction. I know many customers, including me, have been asking for geo-fencing capabilities for a long time. Two pieces of feed-back:
    1. the notification asking to arm to Piper beats the purpose. It’s a 2-step arming process. I want Piper to arm itself automatically when no one is home and notify me it has done that. No swipe and click to do it myself
    2. Piper should disarm itself the same way

  3. I just had my house broken into the other day.. luckily they didn’t steal anything because my wife came home in the middle of it and they left without any confrontation (again.. VERY lucky!). Now I’m looking for a better solution than ADT or some other centrally monitored security system. This looks awesome! I’m still doing my research but I’m probably going to order one in the next day or two. I REALLY like the Z-wave integration to extend the operational range beyond the one device. I see the door/window sensors, but I am assuming you can use Z-wave motion detectors and door locks the same way, right?

    Thanks!! And I hope I WIN!! 🙂

  4. I got a piper +NV now and it works perfectly, but I regret not having bought the bundle with the smart switch (europlug) because now in France the plugs are sold out. Let’s wait!

  5. Very happy with my Piper but I would like to see…

    – Auto disarming
    – More support for zwave products
    – A compatible smoke sensor
    – Button to shutdown the IR leds

  6. Discovered Piper from the Gear Patrol 100 Best Products of the Year. Piper appears to be the solution that I have been looking for!

  7. We love the Piper for home security, however, it’s mostly there for me to watch the “kids” while I’m away. Love to watch what they are up to when I’m at work -and the peice of mind of the security system is awesome.
    Hopefuly to win, to see other locations in the house or even outside! Fingers (and Paws) crossed.

  8. I really like the idea with Smart Arming that you are notified that no one is home and your system isn’t armed! And then just a simple “tap” and your house is armed! Would love this! Genius!

  9. I have two young kids and mornings can be a scramble. 9 times out 10 setting an alarm is not on my mind. Having the ability to set a geofence close to my work I get a friendly reminder to arm. Works very well. Love this new feature.

  10. This will put my mind at so much ease, knowing whats going at home, and if everyone that needs to be home is indeed home safely.

    Plus all the new features that will be provided inside the private network seem awesome.

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