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Woman Installs Security System To Protect Her From Abusive Ex

Every now and again there comes a story about they ways in which home security impacts the lives of people from around the world. An unnamed woman from Nashville in particular turned to home security for a reason that is unfortunately all too familiar.

It was when the woman discovered her abusive boyfriend Tony Joe Gunter’s lengthy criminal record that she decided to end their abusive two-year relationship for good. Gunter’s refusal to leave her alone prompted her to obtain a restraining order against him, which he violated 3 times.

According to The Washington Post, the woman came home to 3 signs of forced entry that caused her to change her locks twice. Understandably feeling unsafe in her own home, she decided to install a security system.

While having it professionally installed, she realized that her phone had gone missing, and noticed a pair of feet sticking out from under her bed that were those of Gunter, the ex-boyfriend she was installing a security system to keep safe from.

Panicked and scared for her life, she shot him in the foot and demanded her phone back. He tossed it to her, and from there she had her home security installer call the police for help while she kept her gun focused on him until they arrived.

Since the ordeal, Gunter has confessed to breaking into her home and stealing her phone to prohibit her from calling for help. He is now facing charges of violating his restraining order, stalking, and aggravated burglary.

It’s sad to know that what this woman went through is not as out of the ordinary as you’d think. Many women turn to home security to protect them from the men they know just as much – if not more – than strangers. Stories that women like Rose and Madison have been brave enough to share affirm this reality.