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Your Ultimate Basement Security Guide

This guide on basement security has been an awfully longtime coming.

Whether you’re living in your parents’ basement or you’ve got your children living in yours, this mysterious part of the home has its own security needs that you’re probably quite interested in learning about.

Before we begin the guide, I’d like to remind you that basement security is hardly ever talked about because it’s quite rare that a burglar would enter your home from below. Hopefully that calms your anxiety about what goes on in the mystical part of the home you rarely visit.

Regardless, here are some general safety tips you’d appreciate:

Block The Slider

If you’ve got the sort of basement that’s got a sliding door entryway, then I’d recommend you get a piece of wood specially fitted to block the track so that burglars can’t toggle their way into your space.




Clear Your Path

The less bushes, trees or garbage bags burglars have the chance to hide behind, the better. Leaving your backyard well trimmed and manicured with little to no shrubbery around entry points, the less likely anyone will be bold enough to attempt to enter.

Hide The Interior

If you’re a massive cheapskate (ain’t no shame in your game!) you’ve probably debated the idea of saving money by either not covering your basement windows (they’re ground level and hidden by a trench, anyway!) or going real cheap by choosing the lightest fabric possible.

Well, even though I understand your train of thought, I don’t recommend skimping on privacy measures. Allowing anyone to see into your home means allowing them to know when it’s vacant. Is the risk of losing everything  worth the ~$100 blinds or curtains cost?

D/W Sensors

If you’ve got a smart home security system upstairs and a second one doesn’t fit into your budget quite yet, then take solace in the fact that it’s possible to pair your security system with inexpensive door/window sensors that can alert you the moment any of your doors or windows have been opened.

Light The Way

Both inside and outside, you need bright, functioning lights. Outdoor lights can be used to deter burglars, but most people only add them to the front of their house. This leaves the back of your home more vulnerable; it needs lights as well, especially near a basement entrance.

LED light bulb

With outdoor lights, it’s important to keep them on a regular schedule, whether you’re on vacation or not. You can do this using a timer with an outdoor smart switch. Leaving your lights on during the day can also alert burglars that you’re away from home. Turning them on when you leave to head home circumvents this risk.

As for your interior lights, there are actual smart bulbs that are quite affordable and eco-friendly you can rely on.



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